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Sicknotes to be scrapped for those that are ill for just a day

People that are ill and require a day’s sick leave will no longer be required to visit their GP in order to get a sicknote. As part of a package of measures related to sick leave that were agreed by the Federal Cabinet on Friday morning it has been decided that employees that take a single day’s sick leave will no longer require a sicknote providing this is the case no more than 3 times within a twelve-month period. 

Currently anyone than takes time off work due to illness is required to provide a sicknote even if they take just one day off, for example if they have an upset stomach. It is not yet clear when the new measure will take effect.

Earlier this week the Young Doctors’ Association began a campaign to protest against the growing amount of paperwork doctors are confronted with. As part of their protest members of the association have been stamping the medical certificates they issue with a blue crocodile stamp. By scrapping the need for a sick note for people that take 3 (individual) days’ sick leave, the Federal Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke (Flemish socialist) hopes to lighten the administrative load for the country’s GPs.  


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