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Fans say emotional farewell to Arno

Several hundred fans gathered on the pier at Ostend to say their farewell to singer Arno whose ashes were then scattered to the waves off the port city on Saturday.

Arno’s ashes, contained in a biodegradable urn, were taken out to sea on board a local fishing boat. The Ostend singer’s family were joined by friends and fans on the West Pier.  It was an emotional moment for the fans when the ship with the urn slowly sailed past.  First there was silence but this was soon followed by applause as fans scattered flowers on the waves.

An intimate private leave-taking ceremony with relatives and close friends later took part at sea.

Arno died at the age of 72 after batting pancreatic cancer. The singer whose international career took off in the eighties lived in Brussels for many years but was always keen to return to his native Ostend.

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