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Italian Kiss record set in Ghent

The world record for the number of people who can do the Italian Kiss at the same time has been broken in Ghent.  443 couples took part in the record-breaking Italian Kiss event on Friday.

The Italian Kiss involves eating a strand of spaghetti with your partner until the lips meet and the couple kisses.  The kiss became world famous thanks to the Disney movie ‘The Lady and the Tramp’.

Lena Kuhlman, the representative of Guinness World Records, was assisted by twenty stewards, who verified all couples performed the feat properly. 

The record set in the East Flemish capital will feature in the 2023 edition of Guinness World Records.

The event was organised by a real estate firm that says it likes to bring people closer together, something that was impossible during the pandemic. 

Until now France held the record after 125 couples performed the Italian Kiss for thirty seconds.

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