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Nasty weather across Belgium

Torrential rain and blustery conditions are our lot today in many parts of Belgium as a zone of thundery showers crosses the country from west to east.

Helpline 1722 has been activated for people facing an emergency and in need of assistance from the fire service when there is no threat to life.  The number is intended to ease pressure on emergency number 112.

During the height of the torrential rain between 1PM and 2PM Flanders counted some 140km of traffic jams, an unusually high figure for this hour.  On the E40 motorway around Aalst many drivers parked on the hard shoulder for a while because they felt it was too dangerous to continue their journey.

In Brussels animals in a field (above) took little notice of the rain and continued their activities unfazed, while in Antwerp (below) many a garden experienced unusually blustery conditions.

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The slip road exit on the Ghent - Brussels motorway at Erpe-Mere flooded.

In Brussels several road tunnels flooded and had to be closed.  They are now open once again, but traffic is experiencing congestion.

In Antwerp tram services are being delayed, while the A12 Brussels – Antwerp motorway in Boom had to be closed for a while in both directions.

Still in Boom a tree came down on the N10 cutting the connection between Antwerp and Aarschot for a while.

In Edegem (Antwerp Province) a kindergarten flooded.

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