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Transit migrant that won 250,000 euro on a scratch card finally gets his winnings

An Algerian migrant that won 250,000 euro on a scratch card in March has finally got hold of his winnings. As the man was in Belgium illegally and as such couldn’t open a bank account here, he was unable to get hold of his prize. However, he and his lawyer have now succeeded in getting the money transferred into an account. 

As we reported at the end of March a transit migrant that had been staying in Zeebrugge (West Flanders) won a quarter of a million euro on a scratch card. However, since then he had been unable to get hold of his prize as he was unable to open a bank account here. Together with his lawyer, Alexander Verstraete, the man has now found a solution that will allow his winnings to be transferred onto an account. 

Not long after it emerged that he had won the cash the man disappeared. A couple of days later three other men turned up at the offices of the national lottery in Brussels “to claim the money on the winner’s behalf”.   

However, by then the National Lottery had a photograph of real winner. The three men were apprehended by police. Not long after this, the winner accompanied by this solicitor went to a police station to tell his story.

Although the winner had been identified, he was unable to get hold of his winnings as he didn’t have a bank account. Furthermore, the National Lottery never pays out sums as large as this in cash.

Now the man’s solicitor has opened a account for his client and after almost two months the winnings will be paid out. 

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