Navy Days in Antwerp

Navy Days in Antwerp are marking the 75th anniversary of the Belgian navy.  All weekend visitors to the Navy Days at the Steen in Antwerp can familiarise themselves with the new and innovative fleet that the Belgian navy will have at its disposal starting 2024.

“Our entire capacity is on show at the Maritime Village: coastal defence, mine hunting and escort capacity” says the navy’s Olivier Vogels.  “Several different vessels are on display: patrol vessels, frigates and minehunters”.

“Our entire fleet is being renewed in 2024: two new frigates and six minehunters.  Drones too will play a crucial role.  The port of Antwerp is of great importance for our work.  The economic impact of the city shouldn’t be underestimated either”.

Many of the navy’s partners are also present: “Customs, coastguard and environmental and federal police.  They explain their workings at sea.  All other divisions of the Belgian armed forces are represented too”.

The Navy Days continue Saturday till 6PM and on Sunday from 10PM till 5PM.  To board vessels you need to be at least 1.2m tall for safety reasons.  No luggage is allowed.  Everybody is welcome at the Maritime Village.

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