500 drivers lose licence as police clamp down on mobile use in traffic

A major police drive to stamp out the use of mobile phones while driving caught 2,331 motorists and truck drivers flouting the rules.  503 licences were withdrawn on the spot. In all 2,445 infringements were recorded.

It was Tuesday and Wednesday that federal traffic police and local police services targeted activities that distract drivers and mobile phone use at the wheel in particular in a national operation for the first time.  Using your mobile while driving is linked to a quarter of all accidents. 

Police also recorded 114 other activities that lead to distraction of the driver and are not permitted. 

“Despite higher fines many motorists continue to flout the rules on mobile phone use” says home minister Verlinden.  “We hope to save lives and change attitudes by creating greater public awareness and issuing charge sheets.”

“Society and technologies continue to evolve” says Koen Ricour of the federal traffic police.  This co-ordinated police action should show police are on the case and are adapting to new phenomena that cause accidents.  Distraction at the wheel is the cause of many accidents.  We want to make road users aware of the risks they are taking for themselves and others”.

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