14 football fans “felt a prick”, now unwell

Fourteen football fans, who attended the KV Mechelen v Racing Genk fixture on Saturday night, have become unwell.  Several supporters say that they felt a prick but so far toxicological tests haven’t turned anything up.  The police are investigating the matter.

“The fans attended a medical aid post at the stadium” says Dirk Van de Sande of local police. “Eight fans were taken to hospital for treatment and have meanwhile been discharged.  Six others received care at the stadium”.

On social media speculation about needle spiking was rife.  The phenomenon is usually linked to nightlife when people are injected with drugs. Police are investigating this possibility. 

“The victims spoke of being pricked.  We’ve launched an investigation to establish the facts.  We hope CCTV footage and blood tests will soon provide clarity” says Dirk Van de Sande.

The victims include men and women, minors and adults.

“First results from the tox reports don’t show the presence of any drugs, but the probe is continuing” says Dirk Van de Sande. 

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