CEO Feist: "I don't expect chaos at Brussels Airport"

Brussels Airport is facing a busy summer in post-Covid times, but the hub should be able to cope despite a staff shortage, says Arnaud Feist as CEO of Brussels Airport Company. "I don't expect a chaos as we have seen at other airports", he told reporters this morning. Brussels Airport also hopes to have fewer short-distance flights. 

Feist expects Brussels Airport to be at 80 to 85 percent of its activities in 2019, the last year before Covid-19 struck. "The end of June and the start of July will be particularly busy." 

Belgium's main airport is still short of staff in post-Covid times as many vacancies are not getting filled. But the situation is improving: while there were 1,200 vacancies when a campaign was launched some weeks ago, this number has fallen to about 600.  Feist calls it "a step in the right direction". "At this moment I don't expect any major problems next summer", he added, though the number of baggage handlers is still an important point of concern.  

Earlier, there were serious problems in airports like Schiphol near Amsterdam, where flights had to be cancelled and travellers got stranded due a shortage of staff. 

Feist also said that Brussels Airport wants to have fewer short-distance flights - in order to focus more and middle-range and long flights - but this is only possible when better (and faster) international train connections are being put in place. 

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