Median wage of Flemish employees almost 3,000 euros per month, highest wages in Brussels 

The median wage of Flemish employees in the private sector has been established at 2,985 euros per month (before tax) for those working on a full-time basis. This is according to calculations by wage specialists SD Worx. The research involved 400,000 white- en blue-collar workers: half of them are earning more, half of them less. The average salary has not been calculated. The median wage is a lot higher in Brussels. 

Salaries have gone up steadily over the past five years, with a significant rise in the past months due to the inflation and the automatic wage indexation system in Belgium. Thanks to this system, wages automatically rise when the cost of life goes up. In 2017, the median wage was still at 2,655 euros. This has climbed by almost 13 percent by now. 

The figures only apply to the wage itself: fringe benefits, holiday pay or 13-month pay have not been taken into account. Flemings are better off than Walloon employees, who have to be content with 2,766 euros, about 220 euros less than in Flanders. Brussels however boasts the best score, with a median wage of 3,322 euros. (the map below shows the median wage per province in Flanders, compared to Brussels and Wallonia). 

White-collar workers are best off in Brussels, while blue-collar workers have the highest salary in Limburg province. "A question of demand and supply", experts say. 

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