Tim Boury is a happy man.
Nicolas Maeterlinck

3 restaurants earn three-star status, including newcomer Boury 

The new Michelin Guide for Belgium and Luxemburg has listed 141 top restaurants that earned one, two or three stars. Belgium boasts 3 restaurants with 3 stars: Hof van Cleve in Kruisem, Zilte in Antwerp and newcomer Boury in Roeselare (West Flanders). The renowned Brussels place Comme Chez Soi loses one star.  

Restaurant Boury of chef Tim Boury was the surprise of the day. He calls it the ultimate reward: "We have been running the restaurant for 11 years now. We started very small-scale with just two staff members, but got a first Michelin star after one year. We grew, moved to a bigger place and grabbed a second star. Today, five years later, we have three. I am very happy with our track record."  

Peter Goossens of Hof Van Cleve retains his three-star status, as does Viki Geunes of Zilte. Peter Goossens makes it 18 in a row. Both chefs received a warm round of applause from the public: this edition could count a live crowd again after two years of Covid.  

Three restaurants earned a second star for the first time: Colette-De Vijvers in Averbode, La Ville Lorraine in Brussels and Hertog Jan At Botanic in Antwerp. Comme Chez Soi were surprised to lose their two-star status. 

16 restaurants got a first Michelin star, coming from 10 last year.  

The Bib Gourmand Awards listed 147 places that offer great value for money. Among them are 27 businesses located in Brussels. Check the complete list via this link. 

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