COVID-19: under 100 patients in ICUs

Figures from science health institute Sciensano show that for the first time in ten months fewer than 100 patients are receiving critical care in intensive care units.   Just over 1,200 patients are in hospital with Covid.  The average number of deaths each day linked to the disease has fallen to 8.

In the week to 23 May on average 79 people a day were hospitalised with Covid.  The figure is down 23% on the week. 

1,238 patients with Covid are in hospital – down 18% on the week. The figure includes patients hospitalised for other reasons, but who tested positive on admission.

87 patients with Covid are receiving critical care.  The figure is down 18% on the week.

In the week to 20 May on average 2,392 people a day tested positive for coronavirus.  The figure is down 35% on the week. 

15,400 tests were carried out – down 17% on the week.  17.4% of tests came back positive – down 4.5%.

Belgium’s reproduction number stands at 0.85.  100 people with Covid pass it on to 85 others.  The figure is down 4% on the week.

On average 8 Covid-related deaths are recorded each day. The figure is down 11% on the week.

31,710 people with Covid have died in Belgium since the start of the pandemic.

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