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Helmet used to boost moped engine

Police in Berchem (Antwerp) stopped a man on a moped because he seemed to be driving at a speed far in excess of that allowed for mopeds.  There was a suspicion the engine had been boosted.

Police tested the vehicle only to discover it could only manage one kilometre in excess of the permitted speed. 

However, imagine their consternation when they discovered that the moped had been equipped with a special computer chip that could boost the engine and which was operated by a remote control fitted to the moped rider’s helmet.

Further testing showed that with the booster activated the moped could do 63km/h when 45km/h is the top permitted speed. 

Police seized moped and helmet.  It’s not the first time police see this kind of device though usually the booster is activated by a button on the moped itself.

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