Needle spiking confirmed at top flight match

Police have confirmed wounds proving an injection needle was used have been found on several of the football fans, who became unwell at the KV Mechelen v Racing Genk fixture on Saturday evening. 

Fourteen soccer fans from the same section of the stadium, behind the goalmouth, all say they felt a prick before they became unwell.

Mechelen police speak of needle spiking, the use of an injection needle to drug people, a phenomenon usually associated with nightlife.

“First indications are pretty clear” says officer Dirk Van de Sande. “People were able to report what happened to them clearly and precisely. There are medical indications too: injuries caused by an injection needle were found, people became unwell.  It’s all medical evidence”.

However, the first toxicological reports don’t show any drugs were administered.  Blood and urine samples are still being analysed for the presence of any substances that don’t belong there.  Results will soon be in.

The police are using CCTV footage and accounts from eyewitnesses to establish what exactly happened. Both men and women, adults and children were attacked.   

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