Motorist attacks ambulanceman in Charleroi

A driver and his son attacked an ambulanceman in the southern city of Charleroi (Hainault) on Monday.  The incident seems to be motivated by road rage.  The ambulanceman had double-parked his vehicle and the motorist clearly felt that this was reason enough to pull the man out of his ambulance and attack him.

The driver’s son was even armed with a knife.

One day after the incident the ambulanceman still had aches and pains over his entire body.  The attack left a clear mark on him:

“Mentally I’m at a new low.  I want to stop this job.  I don’t feel able to get into the ambulance any more.  My colleague feels the same way”.

“We’re here to help people and we get attacked.  That’s not what we were trained for.  It’s been getting worse and worse”.

Local prosecutors say the driver was questioned and then released on licence.  He risks a prison sentence of up to 4 years on account of GBH and road rage.  A youth magistrate questioned the youngster.  He has been instructed to perform 30 hours of community service and attend a course to help control his aggression.

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