Nazi swastikas at Antwerp Central Station trigger outcry

Several flags displaying the Nazi swastika were hoisted above the central concourse at Antwerp Central Station this morning.  The flags form the backdrop of the movie “Wil”, but due to a lack of information countless commuters expressed shock at the occurrence.

“Wil” is a movie based on a book by Jeroen Olyslaegers about pogroms in Antwerp during the Second World War.  Many commuters voiced concern about the failure to explain the use of this very loaded symbol of a Nazi regime held responsible for the deaths of millions of Jews and members of other minority groups.

Later when the film crew arrived officials handed out flyers explaining that filming was in progress.

The rail company points to a strict agreement with the production company requiring the presence of stewards and a message alerting people to the filming at all entrances.  No Nazi symbols may be displayed while filming is not in progress. The rail company says filming at Central Station will be over by this evening.

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