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Taste the atmosphere at the first CORE Festival in Brussels: "Mirrors and nature"

The Ossegempark in the shadow of the Atomium is the venue for the first CORE Festival, which bring a mix of different types of music and puts nature in the spotlights. What kind of festival is it, and what do visitors think about this newly-born baby? 

The CORE Festival is the result of a cooperation between organisers of Rock Werchter and Tomorrowland, two of Belgium's biggest annual music festivals. This "marriage" can even be taken literally as one of the people behind Tomorrowland, Michiel Beers, is married to the daughter of Werchter boss Herman Schueremans. 

The decoration aspect makes one think of Tomorrowland, though it is more subtle, says the VRT's festival pundit Gitte Van Hoyweghen. The natural beauty of the park was reinforced using mirrors and LED screens showing natural scenes. Festival-goers can enjoy a wide range of music, from hiphop over indie pop and electronic music to jazz. 

"It's nicely done", festival-goers told the VRT, "although you have to wait a bit long to get a drink." Both young and old(er) people can be spotted in the park, including the Flemish TV celebrity Luk Alloo: "I think it's fantastic! Youngsters, music and a weekend feeling, what more do you need?" Although some admit they had expected a little bit more. But most of all, visitors were happy to be back at a real festival, after two long years of Covid. 

The festival sold about 20,000 tickets per day, but is not a complete sell-out - there are about 25,000 places each day. The CORE Festival ends tonight.

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