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A one-horse race for the leadership of the Flemish Christian democrats

The Federal Secretary of State responsible for asylum and migration Sammy Mahdi is the only candidate that has put their name forward to succeed Joachim Coens as leader of the Flemish Christian democrat party CD&V. The announcement that the party’s leadership election will be a one-horse race came on Monday morning. Candidates had until 9:30am today to put themselves forward. 

The party’s current leader Joachim Coens announced at the beginning of May that he would step down earlier than expected. Mr Coens’ decision came after a disastrous result in a poll of voting intentions.

The last time CD&V held a leadership election Sammy Mahdi was narrowly beaten by Mr Coens. 

CD&V’s members will have until June 24 to vote for their in writing or digitally. In order to be elected, Mr Mahdi will need at least half of the votes cast. The result will be announced at CD&V Family Day on June 25.

If Sammy Mahdi is elected, he will have to resign as Secretary of State and his party will have to find a successor for him in his current post in the Federal Government.

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