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Sausage lorry turns over and partially blocks E40 motorway

A lorry carrying frikandel, a kind of minced meat sausage popular in fast food outlets, turned over on the E40 motorway between Adinkerke and Veurne (both West Flanders) early on Monday morning. The incident that happened at around 4:30am blocked the right-hand lane and the hard shoulder of the motorway. The driver of the truck was only slightly injured and was able to make his own way out of his over-turned truck. Breakdown teams have been able to get the lorry back upright and remove it from the motorway. 

The German-registered truck was carrying 12 tonnes of frozen sausages from the UK to Germany. The lorry suddenly began to swerve, and the cab ended up in a ditch at the side of the road. 

The vehicle’s tailer blocked the hard shoulder of the motorway that is a busy route to and from the Channel ports. The driver of the lorry escaped with only slight injuries. The lorry’s diesel tank was ruptured in the incident.

The incident caused disruption on the E40 earlier on Monday. It is still unclear why the driver lost control of his truck. It is possible that he fell asleep at the wheel, although this still has to be confirmed. 

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