Telecom providers to increase their prices from Wednesday

From Wednesday 1 June two of the country’s main telecom providers will be increasing the prices they charge their customers for some of their services. Customers of Orange and Telenet will see the price the pay for some less frequently used services such as sending a photograph via an MMS message, international calls and roaming. Those wishing to use their mobile phone while travelling to countries outside the EU (including the United Kingdom) will see the price they pay to use roaming double from this coming Wednesday. 

Meanwhile, the price charged by the French-owned telecom operator Orange for its mobile phone subscription bundles is also set to increase. Customers with Orange’s Go Light package will pay 11 rather than 10 euro/month. 

The price of Orange’s Go Plus package will increase from 20 to 21 euro/month. However, from Wednesday those with the aforementioned subscriptions will see their monthly data allowance increase from 0.5GB to 2GB/month in the case of Go Light and from 1GB to 11GB in the case of Go Plus.

Telenet customers will see the price they pay each month for their internet, TV and telephone subscriptions increase by 4.7% from 19 June. The company says that it has been forced to increase its prices due to inflation.  

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