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More cash for the care sector: "Our health care is priceless"

The federal Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke (Flemish scialist) is earmaking 500 million euros to have health workers earn more. "Our health care system has a priceless value. This was shown by the Covid crisis. Investing in our health care, is investing in all of us", he says. 

Under the so-called IFIC system, health workers will be paid according to the tasks they carry out and no longer according to their diploma. In practice, a lot of starters will get a better wage, "up to 8 percent higher than now", says Vandenbroucke. 

The thirteenth-month benefit at the end of the year will also be lifted, with up to 400 euros for those working fulltime. Nurses in specialised jobs, e.g. those working at emergency wardens or in intensive care, will get a benefit. This can be up to 2,500 euros before tax on a yearly basis.  

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