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Halle taking prevention measures against flash floods in the city's heart

33 extra houses and/or shops in the Basiliekstraat in Halle (Flemish Brabant) will receive extra protection from the local authorities against floods. 

The Basiliekstraat has had to deal with sudden inundations more often in recent years. Last year alone, the city's main shopping street was flooded five times due to sudden heavy rain. Recently, many local retailers suffered water damage again on Thursday 19 May during a heavy shower. 

Local traders had asked the city for extra bulkheads to stop water from entering their shops. "17 traders had asked for those bulkheads, now 33 extra applicants will get one. The city will install them for free when there are fears of water damage", explains Mayor Marc Snoeck (socialist). The retailers themselves are happy with the decision, but say the city is a bit late. "We had requested them in June last year." 

The mayor realises that extra bulkheads are not the real solution to the problem. "They are only meant to solve the most urgent problems. What we really need a large water basin that can collect excess water when it pours down. But it takes time to get this done." 

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