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Price of diesel to increase by 9.6 cent from Saturday

The Federal Department of the Economy has announced that the maximum price filling stations can charge for a litre of diesel will increase by 9.6 eurocent from tomorrow (Saturday 4 June). From midnight tonight the maximum price that Belgian filling stations will be able to charge for a litre of diesel (B7) will increase to 2.144 euro. 

Fuel prices have been high for some time now. Increased demand caused by the economic resurgence after the coronavirus crisis coupled with the Russian invasion of Ukraine have served to push up the price of diesel petrol and heating oil. 

Although still high, the maximum price that will be in place from tomorrow is not a record. In mid-March the maximum price that could be charged for a litre of diesel reached a record level of 2.286 euro/litre.

The price of heating oil is also set to increase. From tomorrow fuel retailers will be allowed to charge up 1.367 euro/l for orders of more than 2,000 litres of heating oil, a rise of 0.23 cent/litre on the current maximum price.

Yesterday (Thursday 2 June) the maximum price for a litre of petrol 95 (E10) rose to a new record level of 2.138 euro/litre.


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