Flower carpet returns to Brussels’ central market square

For the first time in almost four years a large Flower Carpet will once again adorn the cobblestones of the central market square in Brussels this summer. To mark the return of the Flower Carpet after a four-year absence those in charge of running the event have decided that the 2022 Flower Carpet should be a reinterpretation of the very first Flower Carpet on the square 51 years ago in 1971. 

The last time there was a fully-fledged carpet of flowers on the central market square in Brussels was in the summer of 2018.  In 2019, the organisers opted for a flower exhibition in Brussels Town Hall. The 2020 edition of the event was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic and in  2021 a flower trail was organised through the centre of Brussels.

The 2022 Flower Carpet will be on Brussel’s central market square the Grote Markt from 12 to 15 August.

Flowers not cars

When the first Flower Carpet was held on the central market square in 1971, cars were still allowed onto the square and large part of the square served as an open air car park. In 1970 Alderwoman Van Den Heuvel and Alderman De Rons visited the Flower Carpet event held in the East Flemish town of Oudenaarde. 

They decided that a Flower Carpet would look good on the central square in Brussels and the following year, for several days at least, cars were banished from the square and a carpet of flowers was laid. The 1971 flower carpet was designed by Etienne Stautemas.

As a tribute to Etienne Stautemas, the 2022 Flower Carpet will be a reconstruction his first design. All elements of this first design will be reflected in the 2022 tapestry of flowers, including the Archangel Saint-Michael (the Patron Saint of Brussels) and the Belgian Lion. 

In addition to the traditional begonias, other flowers will also be used. This year’s design is the result of collaboration between Roo Aguilar Aguado, a Mexican artist, and Koen Vondenbusch,  a former apprentice of Etienne Stautemas.

Tickets for the flower carpet can be ordered here.


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