Ghent theatre offers tablet to make its plays accessible to all

In an effort to make its repertoire accessible to all the Ghent (East Flanders) theatre NTGent is now offering visitors with a visual or auditive handicap and those with no or only limited Dutch the chance to lend a tablet that they can use to help them follow the performance that they have come to see. Via an app that can be personalised to suit a visitor’s specific needs subtitles, audio description or sign language can be provided. 

The project was first launched by NTGent in 2020. However, the coronavirus restrictions that saw theatres closed for many months meant that it was put onto the back burner. With the situation now having more or less returned returned to normal at our region’s theatres, NTGent is now relaunching its of "theater tablets" scheme.

From the new theatre season that starts in the autumn all spectators who are deaf or blind and those with no or only limited Dutch will be able to follow NTGent’s performances with the help of a personalised tablet.

According to their specific requirements the tablet will offer the visitor audio description, sign language or subtitling. 

The special tablets have a dark background, so as not to disturb other audience members. The tablet can be hand-held or placed on a special support stand. A total of 25 tablets of this type will be available at NTGent.

The use of the tablet is free. However, it will cost NTGent around 5,000 euros to put each show on to the tablet. 

All performances produced by NTGent (photo) during the 2022-2023 season will also be transferred to the theater tablet. In total there will be six productions next season.


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