Judicial Authorities warn of “highly dangerous” ecstasy pills at Extrema Outdoor festival

The Limburg Judicial Authorities have issued a warning about ecstasy pills containing as much as four times the normal level of MDMA that are doing the rounds at the Extrema Outdoor dance music festival at Houthalen-Helchteren. On Friday, an ecstasy pill was found there containing a dose of 300mg of MDMA. This is four times the amount of MDMA contained in normal ecstasy pills. The Public Prosecutor’s office says that ecstasy pills containing doses of MDMA that exceed 125mg can be potential fatal. 

The pill found on Friday was pink and was in the shape of a Mario Bros figure, Pieter Strauven of the Limburg Public Prosecutor's office told VRT News. "The pill contained 300 mg of MDMA, which is 4 times higher than a regular ecstasy pill. A dose in excess of 125 mg of MDMA in an ecstasy pill is very dangerous and potentially fatal." MDMA is the substance in an ecstasy pill that causes a high.

The consumption, possession and sale of ecstasy is illegal in Belgium. However, in the interests of public safety the Judicial Authorities have issued a warning about the pills that may be doing the rounds at this weekend’s Extrema Outdoor festival.

Mr Strauven told VRT News that "Last year a pill with a higher-than-normal dose of MDMA was found at the Extrema Outdoor festival. However, then the dose was "only" 175 mg".

At last year’s festival, a man died after becoming unwell at the festival. He was found to be in possession of ecstasy pills.


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