Long queues at Brussels Airport passport control for non-Schengen flights

Since Sunday morning there have been long queues at passport control for those wishing to take flights from Brussels Airport to destinations outside the Schengen Zone. The airport advises passengers to arrive three hours before their flight is due to depart. Flights to destinations within the Schengen Zone are not affected.

The queues have been caused by the sheer volume of passengers coupled with the fact that the automated border control gates at the airport are out of action due to a technical fault. Brussels Airport says it is doing everything it can to try and to reduce the impact the issues are having on passengers.

Passport controls are carried out by the Federal Police Service. Extra officers have been deployed at the airport in an effort to reduce queues at border control. A spokesperson told the press agency Belga that the automatic border control gates will not be repaired today.

Around 30,000 passengers are due to fly out of Zaventem today. Out of the 229 flights departing the country’s busiest airport 66 have destinations outside the Schengen Zone.


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