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Storms bring heavy rain and some localised flooding

A front bringing with it thunderstorms and rain stated crossing our region from the west on Sunday morning. The Royal Meteorological Institute (KMI) warns of heavy rain with localised flooding in some areas. A Code Yellow weather warning for rain is in force across the In East and West Flanders where Code Orange was in force until 11am. 

Sunday will in the main be cloudy and dull with rain and thunderstorms across the country. The rainfall could be intense in some areas with a lot of rain falling within a short period of time. As much as 30 litres of rain per M² (or even more) could fall at some locations. As the downpours are so localised in nature it is difficult to predict with any precision which locations will be worst hit.

East and West Flanders bore the brunt of the inclement weather on Sunday morning. The VRT’s weatherman Bram Verbruggen says that the west of our region can expect more rain during the early part of Sunday afternoon.

KMI expects the rain and storms to spred to the east of the country during Sunday afternoon. Hail and gusts of high wind could well accompany the thunder and heavy rain. The rain is expected to have abated in the extreme west of the country by late afternoon western areas 

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