A third highly dangerous ecstasy pill discovered at the Extrema Outdoor festival

Another ecstasy pill containing an abnormally high dose of MDMA has been discovered at the Extrema Outdoor (XO) festival in Houthalen-Helchteren (Limburg Province). It is the third pill containing dangerously high levels of MDMA to be discovered at the festival site this weekend.

The news that a third potentially fatal ecstasy pill had been discovered at Extrema Outdoor was confirmed on Sunday evening by the Limburg Judicial Authorities’ Spokesman Pieter Strauven. This time the pill was shaped like the ace of spades in a pack of cards. 

On Saturday a pill bearing the image of a Casa de Papel mask was found to have highly-dangerous levels of MDMA. On Friday a potentially fatal pill bearing the Mario Bros logo was intercepted at the festival site. 

The pills discovered on Friday and Saturday contained 300 milligrams of MDMA. The pill that was discovered on Sunday contained between 250 and 300 milligrams of MDMA. It was found as a person that had become unwell went to a first aid post to seek medical assistance.

Mr Strauven tolf journalists "An ecstasy pill becomes dangerous from 125 milligrams of MDMA”

Last year a 50-year-old festivalgoer died at Extrema Outdoor after taking an ecstasy pill.

A testing facility has been set up at the festival this year to carry out checks on drugs. All the drugs seized or surrendered at the festival are taken there for analysis, a process that takes just 15 seconds.

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