Demolition work starts on the house of the killer and paedophile Marc Dutroux

Work has got under way to demolish a house used by the killer and paedophile Marc Dutroux. The house on the Avenue de Philippeville in the Charleroi district of Marcinelle was the scene of some of Dutroux’s most heinous crimes. While most of the house will be demolished, the cellar of the building that was used by Dutroux to keep his victims in captivity will be preserved. 

Above ground the house will make way for a memorial garden to remember Marc Dutroux's victims. The work is expected to take serveral months.

The building has been empty since Marc Dutroux’s arrest more than 25 years ago. Since then it has been a scare on the face of Charleroi and as such the city authorities have long wanted to get rid of it. The memorial garden project has come about in consultation with the parents of Marc Dutroux’s victims.

During the past few months the city authorities in Charleroi have received the necessary permits allowing them to demolish the building and on Tuesday morning work finally got under way.


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