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Large queues outside Shein popup in Antwerp

Tremendous crowds gathered on the Meir in Antwerp today for the opening of a popup store operated by the Chinese internet clothes retailer Shein.  The store is little more than a showroom as no purchases can be made here.  Shein is not uncontroversial and has been accused of violating the human rights of its workers.

The popup store is located in the Leysstraat, off the Meir, at Antwerp’s commercial heart. It will only stay open for four days. 

‘Shoppers’ included many Dutch nationals, who made the trip to Antwerp especially.   

You can’t buy anything at the store right away but can use a QR code to order products later on.  Not everybody in the lengthy queue was aware of this nicety.

Shein that offers cheap and trendy fashion markets its products via TikTok and Instagram, two channels popular among the young.  The company is quick to respond to new trends offering what is labelled fast-fast-fashion.  Last year Shein was accused of human slavery.

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