Car inspection: appointment no longer needed

Starting 1 August drivers will once again be able to turn up at the car inspection centre of their choice without an appointment.  Appointments were introduced due to the pandemic and the practice continued in many places.

The green card inviting car owners to present their vehicle will be dispatched earlier too.  Drivers will also receive a digital reminder when the validity of their green inspection term threatens to lapse.

Motorists still wishing to book an appointment online can still do so everywhere up to two months ahead of the inspection deadline. No days of the inspection permit term will be lost if you present early.

Fail to get your vehicle inspected in time and you face a surcharge and even a possible fine for driving without a properly inspected vehicle.

Flemish mobility minister Peeters urges everybody to get their vehicle inspected on time and not to wait till the last minute to plan their visit to an inspection centre.

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