Flanders forges ahead in banning gas heating

The Flemish majority parties have hatched plans to bring forward the ban on installing gas heating in new builds.  The ban was supposed to take effect in 2026 but will now kick in a year earlier if a new bill is accepted.

The decision will mean that electrical heat pumps become obligatory in new builds starting 2025.

The aim is to end reliance on natural gas as soon as possible.  A transitionary period allowing hybrid heat pumps is being axed.

The Flemish government’s climate accord reached in 2021 aims to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and promote environment-friendly heating.  Heating fuel boilers in new builds are banned from this year. The war in Ukraine has encouraged politicians to speed up other measures.

Lawmaker Robrecht Bothuyne (Flemish Christian democrat), who was one of the people to table the bill: “Heat pumps and heat networks are the common-sense choice.  This is now the most cost-efficient way of heating, cooling and ensuring comfort in a property, partly thanks to government support.  We are ensuring clarity for people wishing to build as well as the entire building sector.  In this way people can make preparations in the best conditions”.

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