Brussels Airport security staff to strike on 20 June

Security staff at Brussels Airport in Zaventem (Flemish Brabant) are to take strike action on Monday 20 June. They have decided to down tools in protest against, amongst other issues, the high pressure of work they endure at the airport. The announcement that airport security staff are to strike comes just a day after unions representing Brussels Airlines’ pilots issued a strike notice. If the pilots do strike this is likely to be at the start of the summer vacation period at the beginning of next month.

Jo Vanrutten of the socialist trade union ABVV told VRT News that security staff that work at Zaventem airport will take part in the trade unions’ National Day of Action on June 20. Mr Vanrutten represents staff that work at the airport for the private security firm G4S. He told VRT News that "Among other things, we are demanding increased purchasing power and are also protesting against the high workload at the airport. These are not issues that have arisen from one day to the next. We want to send out a really clear signal to both the management and to the government”.

The action by the security staff on 20 June is likely to  cause a lot of disruption. Mr Vanrutten told VRT News that "About 80% of staff are willing to take strike action and I cannot rule out the rest joining in. There may be a minimum service, but it is not up to us to organise that. In any case there will not be a smooth flow through the security checkpoints."

"I also understand that we will not be the only company at the airport where strike action will be taken on the 20 June. So, nothing can be taken for granted on that day. It may be the start of a hot summer of action. I cannot say that this will the only day that will take strike action. We think this that this is regrettable for travelers", Mr Vanrutten said.

On Friday the unions that represent pilots at Brussels Airlines issued a strike notice with the most probable date for their strike being at the start of the summer holiday period in a few weeks’ time. Brussels Airlines’ cabin crew are still considering whether or not to strike.

Meanwhile, staff that work for the baggage handler Aviapartner downed tools in a lightning strike last week. 

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