Missing alpaca back home after having been missing for three days

An alpaca that had been missing from his home in the West Flemish village of Zuienkerke since Wednesday has been reunited with his owners. The animal became startled by dogs that were running free. He jumped over the fence that surrounds his field. He landed in a ditch and became stuck. 

It was neighbour Marc Maertens that freed Bruno the Alpaca from the ditch. The animal then ran into a field of cows and another neighbour Raf Vandamme informed Bruno owner.

The alpaca’s owner Vera Van Dooren told VRT Radio 2 that she is very pleased that Bruno is back home. Earlier this week while Bruno was still missing, she told the VRT that that alpacas have a lot of issues with stress. “They can just drop down dead through stress”. 

Apart from being very thirsty Bruno emerged from his ordeal unscathed. “He drank continuously for ten minutes”, his relieved owner told the VRT.  

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