Temperatures set to rise during the coming week

The Royal Meteorological Institute KMI says we can expect no shortage of dry, warm and sunny weather during the coming week. The weather will remain dry on Sunday afternoon, with sunshine and slight to partly cloudy skies.  Maximum temperatures will reach between 18°C and 19°C in coastal areas and 23°C in the Ardennes and the extreme south of the country. Wind will be light or moderate west to northwesterly.

During Sunday night temperatures will fall to between 5°C and 10°C in upland areas and 10°C and 15°C elsewhere. There is a chance of localised rainfall in some central and northern areas.

The new week will start with fairly sunny weather.  However, there could be some cloud northeasten areas and on the northern flank of the Ardennes. The posibility of light localised showers remains.   

During Monday the weather will be dry everywhere with sunny spells. Maximum temperatures will vary between 16°C and 17°C in coastal areas and in the Ardennes and 20°C in the Kempen are of Antwerp and Limburg Provinces and in the far south of Luxembourg Province.

Temperatures will continue to climb during the days that follow. The current KMI forecast is for temperatures of between 20°C to 25°C on Tuesday, 22°C to 27°C on Wednesday and Thursday and 27°C to 30°C on Friday.

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