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Nasty fire in Molenbeek

A storage depot has been completely gutted by fire in Molenbeek (Brussels).  At first four cars caught fire but the blaze soon spread to the entire storage depot where the vehicles had been parked.

Fire-fighters were alerted to a car fire around 1:20AM.  Walter Derieuw of the Brussels fire service: “Our fire-fighters immediately requested assistance in a bid to stop the fire from spreading any further”.

Fire-fighters struggled to gain access to the depot as steel shutters blocked their entrance. 

One of the four vehicles was an electric car, but fortunately the battery didn’t catch fire.  “We were able to put out the blaze using water and our hoses.  The car didn’t have to be submerged in a tank of water” said the fire chief.

brandweer Brussel
brandweer Brussel

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