No departures from Brussels Airport

Aviation is experiencing great disruption as a result of Belgium’s National Day of Action in support of spending power and against wage restraint.  All departing passenger flights are cancelled at Brussels Airport.  The airport took the decision because it claims passenger safety can’t be guaranteed.

Most of the airport’s security staff have walked out. 

In all 232 outbound flights are cancelled.  Only one in four inbound flights is arriving. Freight flights are not experiencing disruption.  The strike is impacting on some 300,000 passengers.

Brussels Airport has called on passengers not to come to the airport and to rebook flights via their airline.

The airport will be operational once again on Tuesday, but long queues are also expected at the airport tomorrow. Many of today’s flights have been moved to Tuesday and it will be busier than usual as a result.   

Disruption is also expected today at Charleroi Airport.  There the management has asked people on departing flights to arrive three hours ahead of departure.

More industrial action is expected to disrupt aviation in the coming week.  Unions at Brussels Airlines are striking on 23, 24 and 25 June with a similar protest at Ryanair on 24, 25 and 26 June.

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