Price we pay for our weekly shopping has increased by 11% in just 6 months

It will come as no surprise to those of us that buy food and other essentials from our local supermarket that the price we pay for our purchases has risen sharply in recent months. VRT Radio 2’s consumer programme ‘De inspecteur’ compared the price of a trolley filled with goods that make up a typical weekly shop in December 2021 with the price now. 

The programme found that the price has risen by around 11% during the past 6 months. ‘De inspecteur’s presenter Sven Pichal (photo above) says that “prices have risen in all supermarkets”.

At the beginning of December 2021 Sven Pichal filled a shopping trolley full of typical goods at branches of three different supermarket chains (a discounter, a price-fighter and a premium supermarket. The same goods were purchased at all three supermarkets. He purchased a total of 75 items and paid at total of 177.45 euro for all the items combined. 

He repeated the exercise in March when he paid 180.56 euro. At this time the discount supermarket had not yet raised its prices. Meanwhile, the other two supermarket had put their prices up by 2% to 3%.

Sven Pichal has now repeated the exercise again. However, unlike in March there has been a significant increase in the prices charged in all three supermarkets. For the same 75 products that Sven bought in late 2021 and March 2022, he now had to shell out 196.43 euro. This is 16 euro more than in March and 18.98 euro more than in December last year. This means that the price paid for the shopping has increased by 11% in just 6 months.

While, the “premium” supermarket's prices have increased by around 12%, the sharpest price rises were at the “discount” supermarket where prices have increased by 19%. However, at the “price fighter” supermarket where branded products are sold cheaper than at other supermarkets prices had increased by just 3% compared with  December 2021.

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