Teachers at Alberreke Primary in Antwerp are the happiest in Flanders

Teachers at the Alberreke Primary School in Antwerp are the happiest in the whole of Flanders. Staff at the school that is run by Antwerp City Council came out on top in a survey that was carried out by Klassewerkplek (Workplace with Class). Klassewerkplek assessed schools across Flanders and Brussels based on 7 themes related to happiness at work.  

For many years now, Klassewerkplek has been putting schools in The Netherlands in the spotlight where teachers enjoy their job and continue to work for a long time. This year, Flemish schools were surveyed for the first time.

Out of all the many hundreds of schools surveyed Alberreke City Primary in Antwerp was found to have the staff with the greatest levels of job satisfaction. The school will soon be used as an example in the campaign to recruit more teachers and help combat the issue of staff shortage in Flemish schools.

Research has shown that happiness the workplace plays an important role in reducing absenteeism and retaining teachers.

The school’s Headteacher Bart Jonckers told VRT News that "It is especially important to take the time to listen to what teachers need”.

"We have had a difficult year in education in general and as an individual school. This makes mutual appreciation and support all the more important. “

"My way of doing things is based on happiness at work. I want to be there for teachers that are just starting out and colleagues with many years’ experience. I especially take time to listen to their needs and concerns and this helps a lot. Happy teachers will do their best for the kids in the classroom.”

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