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VRT raided in anticorruption probe

Federal police raided premises of the Flemish public broadcaster VRT that operates flandersnews and seven other locations this morning as part of an investigation into possible irregularities under the former management team.

The investigation was launched in 2020 following the publication of a report by Audit Flanders that was highly critical of the workings of VRT.  There were allegations that tendering rules with regard to public contracts were not adhered to but also claims of conflicts of interest and favouritism in the handing out of public contracts. Detectives working for the police Central Service for the Fight against Corruption and the Computer Crime Unit visited VRT.  Seven other locations were raided. 

The present management is offering all possible co-operation to the investigation. CEO Delaplace says VRT has changed many of its practices and ways of working following the recommendations of Audit Flanders.

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