President Zelensky gets a call from Brussels

The Prime Minister, Alexander De Croo (Flemish liberal), called Ukrainian President Zelensky yesterday afternoon.  The Belgian premier assured Mr Zelensky that Belgium supported Ukraine’s bid for EU candidate status.

The matter is being discussed at today’s EU summit in Brussels. Mr De Croo made it clear that the accession process would be a lengthy one. Last Friday the European commission approved candidate status for Ukraine as long as the country makes reforms.

“Candidate status is of great symbolic importance for the people of Ukraine” said Mr De Croo “now they are involved in intense fighting. Exceptionally great efforts are still needed to ensure minorities are protected, that a state of law exists and corruption is countered.  It will be a lengthy process.”

The two leaders also discussed Ukraine’s reconstruction.  “Ukraine is starting the reconstruction now and that’s an important signal to Russia,” said Mr De Croo.  “It shows Ukraine’s resilience.  The EU can play an important role in the physical reconstruction but also in the reconstruction of government bodies”.

After the call President Zelensky took to Twitter to express gratitude for Belgium’s support and invited Mr De Croo to Kyiv.  “We expect Belgium to make a significant contribution to the reconstruction” Mr Zelensky wrote.

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