Nicolas Maeterlinck

Bogus couriers rob a woman in her own home

Police in the Brussels municipality of Schaarbeek have warned people to be on their guard after a woman was robbed in her own home by two men posing as couriers. The woman was locked up in one of the rooms at her home in Schaarbeek. The thieves made off with a safe. A video of the incident has been doing the rounds on social media and the Brussels Judicial Authorities have confirm that the woman was robbed. 

The robbery took place on Monday morning. Two men disguised as couriers from the parcel company UPS rang the bell at the woman’s home. They threatened her with a firearm when she opened the door. 

Once inside the robbers demanded to be taken to the safe after which they locked the woman up in a room before making their escape. Later, the victim was able to inform the police. Forensics experts went to the scene later on Monday and detectives have examined CCTV footage from cameras in the area. 

Not the first time

The Brussels North Local Police Service says that this is not the first time that robbers have this kind of tactic to gain access to someone’s home.  

"This time it was bogus couriers, but previously criminals have disguised themselves as employees of telephone or utilities companies, postmen, bank employees and even as police officers. By wearing a uniform, they try and gain their victim’s trust. They often select older people that live alone. We advise people to always ask to see the identity card of the courier, police officer, postal worker or other person that turns up at their home in this way. Never let anyone into your home unless you have an appointment, or a courier service has informed you that a parcel will be delivered. If you have any doubts, you should call the company the person claims to be from. Carriage or customs charges should best not be paid via payment terminal that someone brings with them to your front door”.

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