19-year-old man killed during hostage taking in Merksplas

A 19-year-old man has been killed after having been taken hostage at a house in Merkplas, in Antwerp Province. Another man had broken into the house, where his former partner lived. He attacked those present inside the house. The man was eventually overpowered by Police Special Forces just before midday. 

At 5:45 on Saturday morning Merksplas police arrived at the house after having received reports that a man had broken into a house and attacked the residents. The intruder turned out to be the ex-partner of a resident of the house.

The man eventually killed the woman’s 19-year-old son. The woman herself is said to have suffered minor injuries. The public prosecutor cannot provide more details about the weapon used, but it is believed to have been a knife.

Kristof Aerts of the Antwerp Judicial Authorities told VRT News that the man "Holed up in the house with his ex-girlfriend. Police Special Forces units and negotiators went to the scene to defuse the situation. The man eventually left the house of his own volition shortly before noon, after which he was overpowered by the police."


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