Brussels Orbital at Zaventem to be closed to traffic to allow for the installation of a new bridge

The Brussels Orbital Motorway at Zaventem in Flemish Brabant will be closed to traffic on Saturday night to allow for the installation of the first section of a new bridge on the Hector Henneaulaan. The section of motorway where the work is to take place will be closed between 10pm on Saturday and 6am on Sunday.

Traffic will be diverted. Once the work on the installation of the bridge has been completed lane closures will remain in force until 9am in order to allow workers to reinstall the street lighting in the central reservation of the motorway.

The new bridge is twice as wide as the existing bridge. Cyclists and pedestrians will be completely separated from other traffic and there will also be separate bus lanes.  

Aminals too will be able to cross the motorway in safety thanks to the provision of a special “Eco-passage” that will be around 8 metres wide.

Once the section of bridge is in place work will be carried out to get it ready for the first cars, buses, bikes and pedestrians. It should be ready before the winter. Once the new bridge is ready to enter service, the existing bridge will be demolished.

The second half of the bridge will be put into place in autumn 2023 and should be ready to enter service in April or May 2024. 

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