Two firefighters attacked in road rage incident in Sint-Niklaas

Two firefighters have been attacked while they were on a call-out in the East Flemish town of Sint-Niklaas. The firefighters had been called out to assist paramedics in the evacuation of a sick person so that they could be taken for treatment. However, while they were on their way another motorist became irritated by the firefighters’ driving and became aggressive. 

On Friday afternoon the Fire Service received a call to assist with the evacuation of a sick person from a property on the Spreeuwstraat in Sint-Niklaas. On their way to the call out they stopped at a crossroads. Another motorist got out of his vehicle and began verbally abusing the firefighters. There was also so pushing and shoving.  

The firefighters continued on their way. However, they noticed that they were being followed by the aggressive driver. The man got out of his car and started to shout and swear at the firefighters again. However, this time he also kicked and punched them. Both firefighters sustained injuries including a dislocated thumb and bruised ribs.

The firefighters were taken to hospital for treatment. They will be unable to work for at least five days. Their assailant fled the scene when the police arrived. He is still on the run.

The local Emergency Service’s Area Commander told VRT News that recently the issue of emergency services staff being confronted with verbal and physical violence has worsened. At the start of the year an ambulance driver was seriously injured in an attack by a member of the public. They are still unable to work and are likely to remain so for some time yet. 

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