Brussels Airlines flights resume after three-day strike

The three-day strike at Brussels Airline has come to an end. Normal service has been resumed after the strike that led to a total of 316 flights being cancelled. Brussels Airline’s spokeswoman Maaike Andries told journalists that the travel plans of around 40,000 Brussels Airlines passengers were impacted by the strike. The financial loss suffered by the airline as a result of the action should be known within the next few days.

During the 3-day strike 217 of the planned 533 Brussels Airlines flights (around 40%) were able to take off. The lion’s share of the 40,000 Brussels Airlines passengers that saw their flights cancelled have been (or will be) able to reach their destinations as they have been booked on alternative flights. 

A small number of these have been rebooked onto Brussels Airlines flights that will depart today (Sunday). This means that Brussels Airlines flights that will depart today and to a lesser extent during the coming days will be particularly busy.

On Thursday pilots and cabin crew at Brussels Airlines began a three-day strike that came to an end on Saturday evening. The dispute that centres around pressure of work issues has been ongoing since last summer. In December 2021 there was a 24-hour strike. With air travel having increased again post-corona staff at the airline say that they are exhausted and are demanding measures to reduce the pressure of work that they are under.

Meanwhile, Brussels Airlines management has said that it is prepared to resume negotiations with the unions in an effort to try and resolve the dispute. 

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