Kim de Baat is the new Belgian Women’s Cycling Champion

In the women’s Belgian Cycling Championship race outsider Kim de Baat (Plantur-Pura) was the best of the bunch. She was the fastest of a leading group of 7 riders in what was something of a remarkable race in the West Flemish coastal municipality of Middelkerke. 

Lotte Kopecky and the other favourites simply weren’t in the running for a medal. Instead, an exceptionally strong performance from Kim de Baat means that for the next year at least she will be able to ride wearing the tricolour Belgian Champion’s jersey. Fine Van Eynde came in second while Sara Maes took third place.

The new Belgian Women’s Champions has Dutch roots. She only was granted Belgian citizenship in 2015.

The big disappointment of the day was Lotte Kopecky who fail to take her third consecutive Belgian championship. A lacklustre performance by the reigning champion meant that she was never in the running for a medal. 

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