Brussels Airlines unions threaten further action "in the near future”

The trade unions at Brussels Airlines are threatening to take strike action again if management at the airline “continues to refuse to do anything about its employees’ working conditions”. The threat comes just after a three-day strike by Brussels Airlines’ staff that caused the cancellation of hundreds of flights. 

Brussels Airlines pilots and cabin crew took strike action from Thursday to Saturday last week. The unions warn that further strike action will be taken if management continues to fail to address concerns about employees’ working conditions.

In a press statement released on Monday the unions said, "The management refuses to do anything about the working conditions of its employees and as such is endangering the safety of its passengers”. The unions added that they cannot rule out further action being taken in the near future.

Management at Brussels Airlines have told the press that they wanted to negotiate with the unions yesterday. However, the unions say that they never received an invitation to attend talks. Now management is proposing to resume the talks to resolve the dispute on 22 August.  

Paul Buekenhout of the Christian trade union ACV told journalists that "The management now wants to push the negotiations back until after the summer holiday period. “

“This is yet another maneuver to get through the summer with aircrew working under heavy work rosters. This is unacceptable to us. We demand that solutions are found for July, August and September”, Olivier Van Camp of the socialist trade union said.

Unrest at Brussels Airlines

Brussels Airlines' pilots and cabin crew were on strike for three days last week. Their strike started on Thursday and ended on Saturday evening. A total of 316 flights were canceled as a result of the strike and around 40,000 passengers had their travel plans disrupted.

The dispute at Brussels Airlines has been dragging on since last summer. Staff at the airline complain that they suffer too much pressure of work. They first took strike action at the end of last year with a 24-hour strike in December. 

With tourism having picked up again post-corona, staff at the airline report being exhausted from the excessive workload and are demanding that management take action. 

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