Inflation soars to almost 10 percent, reaching 40-year high

The inflation rate climbed further in the month of June to reach 9.65 percent, the Belgian statistical office Statbel has calculated. This makes it the highest inflation rate in 40 years - since October 1982. 

Prices in June were 9.65 percent up on the year - last month's inflation was still at "only" 8.97 percent. The Planning Office had expected a drop for June, but this didn't happen. The inflation rate has been going up constantly since early last year now.  

It is still mostly energy prices fuelling inflation. In general, energy products were over 50 percent more expensive than in the same period last year. Natural gas prices more than doubled (+109 percent). Electricity became 50 percent more expensive, diesel and petrol about 40 percent. 

But there's more. Over the past months, food prices have also gone up. Inflation for food products, including alcohol, climbed to 8.44 percent in June. This is compared to less than 0.5 percent last November. Oils, fish, dairy products, bread and grain are costing 10 to 20 percent more than one year ago. 

Some products became cheaper, such as televisions (-13 percent) and software (-10 percent). Both men's and women's clothing also saw price drops of 4 to 5 percent. 

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